AlphaDraft Promo Code

Are you ready to join but are looking for a promo code before you join?

Well, believe it or not, the AlphaDraft promo code field is really only there to track advertisers such as TV commercials, radio ads and magazine promos, etc... So, you don't actually need a code if you use a bonus link such as the ones on this page.

We have negotiated a deal with Alpha Draft to provide our visitors with the best bonus available - 100% up to $1000 FREE - simply by using any AlphaDraft Bonus Link on the site. So go ahead and take advantage of this great signup bonus offer.

AlphaDraft Promo Code

Note: We regularly test all our links and promo codes to verify that they are working...we have contacted AlphaDraft and they have guaranteed that our bonus links are awarding the maximum bonus amount. The links on this page were tested as recently as October 2015. Our users have also confirmed a 100% success rate! Please let us know if you have any issues with receiving your bonus.

AlphaDraft Bonus

The Alpha Draft bonus is the best offer of any fantasy esports sites. And, since you don't need to enter a promo code to get the bonus, it makes signing up at even easier. When you sign up using an Alpha Draft Bonus Link you will receive a first time deposit bonus of 100% up to $1000 free. For example, if you deposit the minimum $10, you will get a $10 bonus. However, if you deposit the full maximum $1000, you get a whopping $1000 bonus! So, it is pretty obvious you should deposit as much as you can because the offer is for new players only. You can always make a subsequent withdrawal if you don't want to risk the cash in the account playing games.

To get your bonus, you just need to start playing fantasy esports games at AlphaDraft. The bonus will be released at a 4% rate - which basically means for every $10 contest you play in, you will receive 40 cents added to your account balance. Play regularly and you should earn your bonus in no time. It is easy FREE MONEY!

Why Play at

AlphaDraft is one of the best fantasy esports sites online with hundreds of ongoing games for esports such as League of Legends, DOTA2, Call of Duty, Counterstrike GO and more. There are some huge prize pools for championships and big events so making money watching esports can be fun and profitable!

Customer service at AD is great and the platform is easy to use. Find out more about how to play fantasy games at AlphaDraft:


About AlphaDraft

AlphaDraft offers fantasy esports leagues - both paid and free - for great games such as LOL (League of Legends), COD (Call of Duty), CS:GO (Counterstrike Global Offensive), DOTA2 (Defense of the Ancients 2) and more.

AlphaDraft was recently acquired by FanDuel - the largest fantasy sports site in the world - and although nothing will change in terms of running as normal, this means HUGE funding and some ENORMOUS prize pools down the road as well as some super improvements to the site and software.

So, now is definitely the time to check out the site and play fantasy esports at AlphaDraft!